Friday, April 1, 2011

Repurposed Bedside Tables, Please

I want new bedside tables. The ones we have now are fine, but hey are made for a boy’s house and I don’t want them. I’ve never wanted them but my husband got them for free from a friend and we were newly weds so you will take anything free. They aren't even bedside tables, they are meant for a living room at a boy's house. Let me show you what they look like.

Ugly, huh? I have moved the coffee table to the garage and can’t wait to give it away, or sell it away, just as long as it goes away. I understand that they aren’t horrible, but I am proud of the rest of my house and to have these eyesores in my bedroom is exhausting. So, I decided to start poking around online and see what else I can find. I tend to desire three things with furniture pieces in my house: that is is unique, that it has a story, and that it is cost effective or repurposed. Below are a couple of fun ideas that I am rolling around with.

One of my favorite side table ideas came from the website for Real Simple Magazine. A stack of heavy, big books will make a sturdy, repurposed table. I don’t have enough big books to use this as my new side table idea, but I did stack 11 books on top of my husbands subwoofer in the living room and topped it all with a big white vase to disguise the big black box. Here is Real Simple’s idea next to mine in our home.

Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of my husband

Ikea has incredibly cheap shelving options for your home, some you can even paint yourself. I love the idea of using smaller shelves next to side each of our bed. This idea may be the winner. I saw it on a DIY blog, here’s the link and a photo of their idea.

I think it may be a tie between the tiny shelves and this next idea of using awesome, oversized, old chairs. We have a lot of old, inherited furniture in our home and so the quirkiness of two mismatched, large chairs next to our bed would fit in so well! My only hesitancy is that a lot of chairs don’t have completely flat seats. Maybe I could stack books on them to create an even surface? I have seen this idea a couple different places, so I’ve chosen to show you a couple of my favorite craigslist finds for chairs. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these chairs soon.

Happy decorating.