Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I could do this everyday!

Wrap dress

Supertrash bandeau top
20 EUR - welikefashion.com

Current/Elliott slim fit pants
189 EUR - jades24.com

Christian louboutin heels
595 GBP - matchesfashion.com

FOSSIL tote bag
$178 - zappos.com

Julie Wolfe drop earring
$1,490 - barneys.com

Flower stud earring
$4.99 - tillys.com

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 13

First day back at work after a long week of being sick. Its not sunny outside but my outfit and I are pretending like it is. 

1. Ruffle-Front Cardigan: I think I saw a cardigan like this in the Anthropologie catalog last spring and immediately ran out to the mall in search of a similar piece. I love anything that is a taupe/oat color and it never hurts that neutral color palettes are in this season. This cardigan is made from a really shear material, which you can notice more in my arms, and has a matching tie around the waist. I am not a big fan of things that tie though, because it makes me feel like I am borrowing one of my sisters super cute maternity tops. I chose it for this look because I needed two things, texture and warmth. Forever21: $17.90

2. Tiny-Print Shirt: If you look closely you'll notice that my shirt has a tiny print all over it and I love, love, love that. A tiny print adds really great dimension to a look and that is why I chose it for today. It is tucked in to the skirt which accentuates my waist. Never fear a good waist! Forever21: $9.80

3. Elastic Belt: You can't see the back of this belt, but its the best part because it has ruffle across it. I love elastic belts because they are way more comfortable over your tummy that stiff all leather ones. This one has a leather snap in the middle and the ruffle in the back is leather too. I chose it for this look to give me a waist over my flowy sweater and because it goes well with the boots I have on. The Nordstroms Rack: $12

4. Cotton Mini-Skirt: Navy blue is a strong color trend this spring and so this skirt was a sure choice for me to bust out after several months of dormancy. I love the wide elastic waist on this skirt because it doesn't cut in to my tummy and give me a horrible pooch and best of all, it has pockets, which are functional and fun. The length of this skirt makes it ideal for summer, or fake summer like today, and the cotton fabric is very forgiving. I chose it for this look because the color pairs with the color of the tiny-print on my top and it is short enough to show off my lace short leggings. Forever21

5. Lace Short Leggings: Love these and didn't hear any comments from the co-workers about how they didn't know they made boxer briefs for girls too. Short leggings, or spandex shorts are a trend I am ready to embrace because I get to move around a lot in my day and it makes short skirt and shorts a possibility again. I chose them today because I love them. Forever21

6. Grandma's Cowboy Boots: I remember the day my momma came home with the cowboy boots from my Grandma's house. The second I set eyes on them, I was hooked! I chose them for this look because I didn't want to wear sandals and they are basically flat so my short skirt won't seem as short with a flat shoe on. As well, the color of the boots flows really well with the flaxen gold edge on my top. Free from my Grandma

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 12

Saturday I spent the day in sweats, and nobody wants to see that. Here is my look for Sunday for leading worship at church. Such a fun day to spend with our awesome musicians.

1. Structured T-shirt: A good structured tee is something to keep around because you can use it to look nice and fancy or more casual when untucked, especially if the material has a little sheen to it like this one. I love the length of this one, the detail that the pocket adds and the light pink color. I chose it for this look because it is a bit flowy and my skirt is very much like a pencil so the two balance each other out. Target: $14.99

2. Long Necklace: Long necklaces draw the eye to think vertical length, for a petite person like me that is helpful. I chose a gold colored piece because it pops warmly off of my cooler colored pink shirt creating contrast. ForLove21: starting at $3.80

3. Pencil Skirt: Let me just say that wearing a pencil skirt is one of the scariest things in my life, because it does not hide my trouble zone at all! But, to live fashionably, sometimes we get over those hills and just wear pieces till we get comfortable in them, or in our own skin, whichever comes first. My trick with this piece was to go a size up that way, it isn't tight on my waistline but still is snug everywhere else. If you want to tryout a pencil skirt, but are hesitant about the shape working on you body, go with a plain solid color like black or navy that will not draw as much attention as a floral print. As well, choose a length that is complimentary for your legs and shoe choice. I am short so the above the knee length is flattering, especially when paired with a taller boot (not like today's look). If you go for a knee length skirt, choose to work it with a pair of flats, or pumps (more skirt, less shoe). I chose this skirt for today's look because the top is plain so a print on the bottom won't appear super over bearing and  the light pink accents around the dark pink flowers really standout more when it is all paired with the lighter pink top. Forever21: $14.80

4. Booties: These brown leather ankle booties are made by Blowfish Shoes. I scored them several years ago from DSW and have worn down the wooden heel quite a bit! I chose them for this look today because I don't own any plain colored boots that have a heel (hint, hint husband) and I wanted the extra lift to make my legs look longer. Checkout the Blowfish Shoes website to see all the awesome things they have come up with!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 11 Faking It

Still super sick and my hubby forbid me from posting, but I convinced him that I had to get dressed because he had to take me out of the house because I was going freaking crazy. He eventually caved and here is the look I chose to wear to walk two laps around the mall this afternoon.

1. Basic Black Cardigan: This piece is a staple to any person's wardrobe with the current fashion trends. (Yes, that includes you too men, the cardigan is back for boys and it won't scream out Mr. Rogers if you toss one on for a fashion statement or to keep you warm.) I scored this one for $9.95 from Forever21. A basic black cardigan is important to have in your wardrobe arsenal because it can do so many things. I throw this one on over nicer dresses at an outdoor evening wedding, or on a day like today it works to tie together the black on my belt and the length works well with the skinny pant leg.

2. Elastic Belt: I know, I know! I have worn this belt three times in the last eleven days, but I love elastic belts! It is off-white, with a black leather center, purchased from Forever21. I used it in this look to create a waistline for myself over this top (see how tiny my waist looks, its all an illusion, I promise) and to draw the dark color of the cardigan and the boots together.

3. Ruffle Edges Tank (H&M): The ruffle edges on this tank give it a bit more fancy than the regular white top would under my cardigan. I chose this piece because the texture of the ruffles create interest on the plain pants and cardi, and because it is form-fitting (not the same as skin-tight).
4. Cropped Twill Capris: This pair of pants are from Paige Denim and I scored them at The Rack for %40 off. I love the soft twill fabric and the light gray color, which goes so well with any other colorful hue you can imagine.  I chose them today because they are so lovely! Honestly, I just like them and so I built my whole look around them today. Remember the rule about finding skinny pants that work well on your body, persistence! 

5. Cowboy Boots: I chose these blue beauties for this look because the color goes really well with the soft gray color of my pants. The slight heel on this pair was especially attractive to me because of the extra height and the pointed toe makes my legs look longer. These are from a thrift store on the Oregon Coast in 2009. I bought them for $15 which seems almost like stealing. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 10

Well I made it to a half-day at work today before my long skirt and heels were traded in for, that's right, my PJs again. Here's the look I started out with to conquer my day before body aches took over again. Yes, Vera is nibbling my sleeve.

1. Cropped Cardigan: This cardi is from Free People and it has wonderful little details that make it great over a lot of different looks. It has a beautiful crocheted pattern across the bottom hem and is about 4 inches longer in the back than the front in a curved shape. I chose it for this look because of the length: my shirt is long and flowy and this cardi is short and trim which creates balance between the pieces.

2. Pleated Tank: I love this piece from H&M so much that I have hardly worn it. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense to most but for me I just don't want to over use something that I love, love, love. This sheer fabric has a really nice floral pattern all over it in a really subtle lilac color. The round neckline on this top is really flattering because it opens up the collarbone area and elongates the neck. The 3/4 length zipper and pleats that run across the top are just for fun.

3. Plain Tank: This black tank is one of my favorite plain pieces from H&M. Its a cotton-spandex blend, really long, and only $4.95. I chose it intentionally to go under this sheer top so that the black would show and draw the eye to my form instead of the wider shape the top creates.

4. Long Skirt: I am not usually a fan of stripes, but the fact that half of this skirt was diagonal mixed it up enough for me. I picked this up at H&M around Christmas time when I bought one in black for my sister Melissa. This skirt is really form fitting, and looks awesome with your top tucked in, but I really love the contrast that the form fitting skirt and the light flowy shirt created.

5. Espadrilles: I was given these awesome espadrilles from one of my roommates in college. They are not a shoe I wear all the time, but for a look like today I needed to bust them out! Espadrilles are usually flat, but these are about a three inch heel and the heels are wrapped with jute. I chose these for this look because the skirt is so long so the heel helps with that and because the black/white color match continues here too.


Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 9

Proof I tried to go to work today. Ryan came home from his early morning meeting to find me perched on the couch attempting to leave for work. When he asked about my shoes I replied, "They make you feel fancy when you don't feel fancy on the inside." Needless to say, thirty seconds after he took this picture I was back in my PJs on my way to bed. Love the color of this yellow top and the high-waisted denim!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 8

Today I am under the influence of Dayquil. Although the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny, I brought a blanket to work with me to try to make me feel better. I chose an easy look today, using the texture of my top and a pair of good wedges to heighten the fashion, but truly its really simple. Please excuse the frizzy hair, I am trying a new product.

1. Tunic Dress: I call this a tunic, H&M call it a dress, the difference to me is length. I loved the flow of this top, note how it is billowy around my arms and then tapers in more snug at my hip and thigh? The pattern makes it an attention grabbing piece and on a day like today that is what I needed. I chose this piece for this look because I wanted a simple look, that didn’t take much energy to create, but that would still give me good fashion.

2. Gold and Leather Accessories: These accessories are from a handful of places: the necklace is from Forever21, the leather strap is Gap and the gold cuff was gift from a relative. I chose gold accessories to go with this look because they work well with the warm peachy color of my top and the long necklace draws the eye to length not width like a shorter piece would. When selecting a long necklace, I recommend looking for something that falls 2 to 3 inches below the bust-line to get the full lengthening effect. I threw the leather strap on my wrist in the mix because I just really like it.

3. Cropped Twill Capris: I know what you are thinking, high-water pants with high-heel shoes? No way! But, oh yes is this allowed. This pair of pants are from Paige Denim and I scored them at The Rack for %40 off. I love the soft twill fabric and the light gray color, which goes so well with any other colorful hue you can imagine. I cuffed these to show my ankle, which slims out the leg, but on a taller person you won’t need to cuff them. I chose them today for comfort and same as yesterday for balance. The skinny leg on this pant is more slimming with a long flowy top like this one than a wide or flare legged pant would be.

4. Platform Sandals: The platform shoe is the most popular comfort secret in shoe fashion. By the looks of these shoes, you would think I hated my feet, but on the contrary they are so comfortable I could wear them day after day. Scored these at DSW. The width of the leather band helps them stay securely on my foot when walking and the in-sole is made of this awesomely soft material that has formed to my feet so nicely. The high-heel and front platform cancel each other out to make a flatter overall heel height lending to comfort. I chose them for this look today because they make me feel fancy and to continue the lengthening effect of the skinny pant leg.

Thoughts? Style dreams? What look would you like to see me wear?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 7 Barely Made It

Vera made it in the photo today, surprised it took 7 days for her to find her photo op. I don't have to work on Mondays but am usually more busy today than on days when I work. I ran a bunch of errands and had lunch with mi amor divino. Here's the look I chose for my day out on the town.

1. Inkblot Scarf: Late spring calls for scarves instead of jackets for me. I picked this piece up at The Rack because of the rusty color and sporadic blue and yellow blotches that make people think that I spilled something on myself. Even though it was a bit drizzly today, I chose to wear a scarf instead of a jacket because I was running a fever and wanted to be hot one moment and cooler the next. Fashion and function.

2. Cropped Cardigan: I love the pattern and details in this cardi from Free People. It has a beautiful crocheted pattern across the bottom hem and is about 4 inches longer in the back than the front in a curved shape. I chose it for this look because of the length and pattern details that it added to my plain shirt. As well, he pattern on the shoulders of this cardigan is repeated really thinly on down the button holes and closure point and is a similar color to the scarf, which ties those together.

3. Plain T-Shirt: I snagged this shirt from Target a couple months ago. It is made out of modal, which is super soft and holds up really well and isn't supposed to ball up like regular cotton shirts do. This one is a light peachy-pink color and I chose it for this look because it is part of the same color palette of the light colors found in the shoulder pattern of my cardigan and the lighter shade on my scarf.

4. Black Skinny Jeans: I said it yesterday and I will say it again: with a little persistence anyone care wear skinny jeans. If you don’t want to accentuate your flaws, stick with darker denim shades like I have on here. I chose this pair from Forever21 because they are cropped, which works really well on my short legs, and have a zipper at the ankle that I love. I chose them for this look because the length of this top would make me look too wide if my pant legs were wide or flared as well. Once again, skinnies to create balance.

5. Oxfords: I am reaching out of my comfort zone by wearing flats with my skinny jeans in this look today. I love the oxfords that are in style this year because they make me feel cute and sophisticated. I chose flat because my Toms are falling apart, but I like the style enough that I may have to get some high-heeled ones too! This pair is made by Big Buddha, an upstart boutique out of New Jersey. The olive color is softer than a brown or black and makes them stand out against my black pants in this look.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 6

On Sunday's I wear a coat of many colors, which most weeks means two to three separate looks. Yet, for a self-proclaimed fashionista like me, I don't mind getting to use my creativity to create separate looks. This look is my second of the day and I chose it to wear for our young adults service at church tonight.

1. Cropped Sweater: Rust is a very popular color this season and I was hesitant to try it out at first but after trying on several different pieces I settled on this swearer from H&M. Stores like H&M are perfect to look to when you buy a piece in a trendy style or color because if you hate it or the style goes bye-bye you didn't spend too much. I chose this sweater for today's look because of the off-the-shoulder neckline and open weave that allows the pattern of the top I have on the peep through. As well, this piece provides texture, one of my favorite things, creating interest in the whole look. The rusty color is also repeated in the pattern on the tank-top so that ties them together really well.

2. Elastic Belt: Yep, I love elastic belts and this one I wear this one all the time. It is off-white, with a black leather center. I used it in this look to create a waistline for myself with this loose top. This outfit looked awesome without the belt, but I felt too short and wide and, with the old hymn in mind, I added the belt. I am singing tonight and so the elastic give is really nice.

3. Navajo Print Tank: I have a hard time with tank-tops visually a lot of the time, but this one was really attractive to me because of the cut and the pattern. My whole look was centered around wearing this tank tonight that I snagged at Forever21. The cut: this tank is loose, which hides my tummy and the razor back shape creates a really open visual effect that I am excited to show off when it, hopefully, gets warmer. A loose, long tank like this one will hit people of all shapes and sizes at one good point. If you are tall, like my friend Kimmy, it will still hit you several inches below your hip line. As stated earlier this week, I love love the Navajo prints that you see everywhere right now, so no surprise when this top called my name at first glance. The repeated block pattern draws the eye to all the right places for me because the bands don't run right over my middle.

4. Skinny Jeans: Contrary to popular belief anyone can wear a skinny legged pant, the key is to jut find a pair that fits the rest of your shape well. This means you need to try on several pairs before finding one that is the perfect fit but I don't know anyone who can buy jeans without that issue. With persistence you will find one that actually flatters your silhouette rather than sabotages it! If you don’t want to accentuate your flaws, stick with darker denim shades rather than the lighter washes like I have on here. These are a pair of Big Star Jeans that my sister got me from The Rack. I chose them for this look because the length of this top would make me look too wide if my pant legs were wide or flared as well. Balance.

5. Booties: I posed this way in the photo so that you could see the heel on this pair of booties made by BlowFish. It's stacked wood! I chose these out of necessity and style. It is raining outside today so I kept a close toed shoe on to avoid getting soaked. For style points, booties of all shapes and sizes work awesome with a skinny pant, especially a pair with a little heel like these. I have tiny feet and I feel strange wearing a flat with skinny pants, event hough that is "the style," and I am working on overcoming that phobia, so to add a little height on a closed toed shoe, it takes away from the length of the shoe and highlights the length of the leg. We also achieve a leg lengthening effect here with a dark color continuation from the pants to the shoe. Flow.

Style on!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 5 Amor Divino

Today I got to spend time with my Amor Divino, no not my husband although he is my love, but my friend Emily. Amor Divino is a song that we sang in Spanish class in high school and the namesake has stayed with us ever since. Let's check out the look I chose por mi amor divino.

1. Stripped Woven Scarf: I blogged about this scarf on Citizens of Beauty a few weeks ago and then put it on my birthday wish list and my sister Melissa got it for me from Forever21. I chose it for this look because scarves are an easy way to add warmth to an outfit on a not so warm spring day like today. The pastel colors are perfect for the nude color palette that is very popular right now and it adds a great pop of color to my white tunic.

2. Tunic: I got this piece at H&M last week and was so excited because I set out on my whole shopping trip to find a great white top that was a woven material. I think this piece is perfect for most body types because it is an a-line cut top which moves out from the body without too but flow to make you lose your shape. The neckline, which you can't see, has three buttons in a v-neckline that opens up the shoulder area and elongates the neck making you look more slender. Love this piece.

3. Braided Belt: This belt is made of braided, green leather and I found it at ForLove 21. The dark green color is softer than black, making it less formal, and the slim width adds a nice waistline without cutting you in half.

4. Cotton Leggings: These legging are a favorite of mine. You can get leggings just about anywhere right now, but I chose these from H&M because they tend to make them in a thicker material. These are a dark, dusty navy color because, like my deep green belt,they are less formal than black but still sharp. The material is not sheeny, which, to me, makes them seem cleaner and not like exercise pants.

5. Cowboy Boots: These blue beauties are from a thrift store on the Oregon Coast in 2009. I bought them for $15 which seems almost like stealing. I chose them here just like I chose the scarf for this look, to keep me warm. The slight heel on this pair was especially attractive to me because of the extra height and the pointed toe makes my legs look longer.

Con amor.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 4 Easy-Peasy

Today is gorgeous outside and I don't have to work on Fridays so I could actually enjoy the sunshine! Here is my easy-peasy day off outfit that I feel really great and comfortable in.

1. Knit Lace Poncho: I got this piece from The Rack in January, made by Mango, for about $6 and have really struggled with how to wear it. For me, it is one of those pieces I have had to learn to throw over something else to polish a look off, which is how it works in this look. It also adds a lot of texture to the long plain dress I have underneath because the pattern in the knit is marvelous!

2. Gold Accessories: Just because its by day off doesn't mean I can't feel a little fancy! Here I am wearing basic gold hoops that are about 4 inches around, you can pick these up at a lot of different places. I am also wearing a black and gold pendant on a super long gold chain. I chose a long necklace to pair with the outfit here because it works with the dress to create an elongated body line.

3. Full-Length Maxi Tank Dress: My whole look is centered around this piece today. I scored this dress at Target this past week for $4.24, but you can get them at just about any major store right now. This piece will get a lot of use by me because it is black, full-length and made out of a cotton jersey fabric that is so comfy I want to wear it to bed. The dress is very form fitting, so I went up a size for a bit of comfort. Please don't let that make you hesitant to wear a piece like this one because your body shape can always be worked with, seriously! If you want to hide your tummy, throw a flowy poncho on, or if you are worried about loosing your waist add a belt. Over all, a long slender cut dress like this one will make you look longer and that is a good thing.

4. Leather International Sandals: These are about the only flip-flop type of shoes that I own and they are very dear to my heart. My sister brought them home for me from Africa when I was in high school, they are handmade from leather and seashells. I am in love with them and the way they curl over my big toe to stay in place. I paired them with this look in honor of the sunshine and my easy peasy day clothing scheme, if I were going to wear this all out tonight I would have a pair of wedges on for sure.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 3 Office Appropriate

When I put this look together last night, I knew it would fill my coworkers' arsenals and, to no surprise, it took approximately 3 seconds for the "awesome" comments to begin this morning. But hey, I love it and they really love it too (they just don't know that yet)! Let's look at the piece of this fun outfit.

1. 80's Inspired Sweater: I got this off the shoulder sweater at Nordstrom Rack, Nicolette is the brand, in January and I have worn it at least once a week since. I paired it with a simple wide-strapped white tank (also from The Rack) so that my off the shoulder look would be office appropriate. I chose this top because of it's neutral color, which balances out my striking shorts. The flowy design of the top works well here too because of the structure and form of the other pieces. The open-weave of the material lets in the spring breeze and gives a different texture to the look.

2. Chunky Leaf Necklace: My dear friend Kendra with Citizens of Beauty gave me this necklace from Forever21 for my birthday a few weeks ago and I love the dimension it adds to any look. I chose it here because the length is nice over a high neckline like the one on this top and because of the leather strap that runs alongside the gold chain which I felt matched well with the tribal print on the shorts.

3. Baja Vacation Shorts: Um....I am in deep love with these shorts. Seriously the second I saw the tribal print, I knew I had to have them in my life! I picked them up at Forever21 last week for a whopping $14.80. I centered this whole look around these shorts because they are fabulous and the print of this type is one of my favorite trends for this year.

4. Short Lace Leggings: These are what make my outfit, "office appropriate." I am really glad this layering technique is popular right now because I want to be able to wear the shorter styles in modest but still trendy ways. These short leggings come in several other colors from Forever21 of course, but are available at H&M as well. I chose the off-white pair for this look because they really help pop out the tribal pattern on the shorts and the lace material create texture and interest.

5. JFK Riding Boots (Affectionately named so by my super hip father): I know I wore these yesterday, but they were calling out to me once again to be worn with the outfit. These are brown leather riding boots from Ralph Lauren that I purchased at DSW. You can see the off-white of my socks peeping out the top of my boots here, I wore those to repeat the color I'd been popping out all over the outfit and because wearing boots without socks is gross to me.
I really wanted to wear a high wedge with this look, which would have helped elongate my body, where now it looks as if all the items are scrunched at the top. For someone who is short like me, heels will always help create that lengthening effect, but I felt the boots were more fitting for work. If I was going out with my hotty-hot husband I would be wearing some high wedges for sure!

Leave a comment and tell me what outfits you'd like to see!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 2 Contrast

The sunshine is out today and so I am rockin' my new dress from Anthropologie, but I don't live on the equator and it is still only May, so I paired it up with some awesome pieces. Check it out!

1. Lace Cardigan: This cardi I picked up from Target last summer, but ModCloth has some for pretty decent prices. I chose this piece because the lace pattern provides texture to the solid dress and the green-brown color adds contrast.

2. Elastic Belt: I love to belt everything, because it gives you a defined shape. Elastic belts move with you and are more comfortable than an all leather piece would be. I found this one at Forever21 for $4.80, and I wear it all the time. I chose this piece because of the contrast the black and gold buckle offers to the light colored dress, and it ties in with the dark cardigan.

3. Quiet Blush Dress: Yes, I have a big Anthropologie addiction, Lord save me! A hint of pink satin, this dress is currently the star of my wardrobe. I chose this dress because the cut is perfect for most body shapes: it creates a great waistline, even without a belt, flows loosely over the tummy area (my trouble zone) and hits right at the knee, which is a good length for most heights. In love.

4. Neutral Accessories: I am wearing a fabulous almond colored ring on my right hand and the same colored bracelets on my right wrist. Both pop next to my brown cardigan, which creates contrast of course. Both of these pieces were gifts from ForLove21, one from a dear friend and the other from my ultra-stylish father.

5. Riding Boots: These boots are by Ralph Lauren and I bought them on a whim two years ago at DSW and I have loved them into comfort. They are brown leather with a gold buckles on the top sides, the photo makes them look black. Check out DSW for a great selection of boots. Now is the time to buy some for cheap because summer is fast approaching (I hope). I chose these because I live in Portland, Oregon and it is still chilly out, plus the boots complete the contrasting effect I have going through the rest of the look.

Contrast is fun!

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 1

Good styling communicates emotion. This is my outfit from yesterday and I am in LOVE with it because I feel grown up in the high-waisted pants and tall shoes.

Pieces in Yesterday's Look

1. Cardigan: I purchased this cardigan from Forever21 in January, so they do not carry it anymore. I usually pop into this store for pieces that are super trendy and maybe out of my comfort zone because they are inexpensive. I added this piece last to my outfit yesterday because I knew I would be a little chilly in my office, but it works to complete this look because the cardigan is loose and my shirt is form fitting, and it follows the neutral color scheme that is really popular right now. I chose this shorter length cardigan because my pants are high-waisted and I wanted to accentuate the length of my legs. A cropped cardi like this isn't always good for that, but it does give you a more distinct waist height.

2. Ruffle Edges Tank (H&M): I just bought this top for $9.95 from H&M last week and I have worn it three times already! The ruffle edges on this tank give it a bit more fancy than the regular white top would under my cardigan. I chose this piece for three reasons: the texture of the ruffles create interest on the plain pants and cardi, the tank is long, really long and I can easily tuck it in, and because it is form-fitting (not the same as skin-tight). Don't be afraid to tuck a top in and create a neat waist.

3. Floral Print Belt: I love tiny prints (something I inherited from my momma). When I saw this belt at PacSun in December 2010, I had to have it and it only cost $3.99! I chose this belt for this look because the print adds texture and color to a very neutral palette. Once again, the belt accentuates the waistline, which, contrary to popular belief, is a good thing because it gives you a defined shape.

4. Pants: These pants are linen, which I love and were inexpensive, $19.50, from Forever21. I centered my whole look around these pants yesterday. They are awesome, and I recommend them for anyone because the high-waist, which scares some people, is paired with a loose linen fabric that will not cling, like a spandex-blended fabric would, to the places you are trying to conceal: for me this is my tummy. Also the length paired with the high-waist really ellogates your legs.

5. My Grownup Saltwater Sandals: Wedges are always a summer favorite, but what makes this particular pair extra special is their wood base and comfort factor. People often ask me how I can walk in them and that is the secret of the platform wedge: you get the height plus the comfort. They are lovely and remind me of grownup saltwater sandals because of the shape the straps make. I chose them for their height with this pair of pants, which are super long on my short legs, and the lengthening effect that creates. I bought this pair three years ago at Macy's but I would recommend DSW because they have a large selection right now and always have awesome deals.

Outfit-A-Day Project

I love fashion. Its a new realization for me, one that doesn't surprise my family because apparently I used to change my clothes like 30 times a day when I was little. And by my clothes I mean I would start in mine and usually end up in one of my other sibling's drawers, literally. So from here births my Outfit-a-Day Project.

I love styling and especially love helping other do it, so I thought, "Since I can't style someone else everyday, I might as well style myself and take pictures along the way." Each day, for the next couple weeks, I will be posting a picture of myself and telling you wear each of the pieces came from and why I chose to put together the pieces that I did. You will be able to see these posts here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so check it out!