Friday, June 24, 2011

What Fashion is About

After doing the Outfit-A-Day Project for 30 days I am more aware than ever that I have distinct feelings about fashion. I haven't gone to school for this, and I don't have a job in it, but for some reason I have self-appointed authority. Here is what fashion is "about" for me. 

1. Fashion is about individuality and character. You can communicate so much through what you wear and dictate how people respond to you. I like to pretend my look is one of individuality. Lately, I have decided to call it Grandma-Chic, with layers and prints adding dimension. The beauty of fashion, is it can every change with how your personality shifts, hourly if need be!

2. Fashion is about presentation. As a musician, I am always thinking about how to better present myself on stage so that I feel confident to do my job. I never want my clothing to be distracting, but I do want to present myself well. Remember to choose clothes that are appropriate for the setting you are in but still express you as you. 

3. Fashion is about fun. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy clothes as much as I do, but we have to wear clothing so why not find it fun? Try new colors or trends for each season to add a little flavor to your look. If you want to get a fun, trendy piece, I recommend shopping at a store like H&M or Forever21 that has cheaper prices for a piece you may toss after a couple months. But I cannot stress how important it is to invest in good, comfortable, long-lasting, (maybe more expensive), staple pieces.

4. Fashion is about feeling. Just ask my sweet husband Ryan. Often, he will sit on our bed and watch me build, rebuild, demolish and construct perfectly beautiful outfits, that of which he will always give me his opinion, just to hear me say, "I don't feel that shirt, or those pants, or that belt, I feel something else." I think I inherited this from the Art Director himself, my father; he feels his way through life just like me. So if you don't feel a look, then don't wear it! 

5. Fashion is about you! Never let the judgmental bug get a hold of you. Most assuredly I can say to you that, as long as what you are wearing is appropriate for the setting, it does not matter what other people say about your look. You know you and you know what you are comfortable wearing. Stay true to yourself and you will not miss!

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 30 Finale

     My last day! I started working on this blog concept because I was bored but it has taught me a lot about myself. I love fashion, but more importantly I love people. Like music, fashion is a way I can be in community with people, a way I connect and share. This adventure has been fun and, I hope, educational and inspiring for some of you! Let's check out today's look. 

    1. Cropped Sweater:Rust is a very popular color right now. I didn't think that I would like how it looked on me, so I went to my cheap style hunt. Stores like H&M are perfect to look to when you buy a piece in a trendy style or color because if you hate it or the style goes bye-bye you didn't spend too much. I chose this sweater for today's look because the open weave provides texture, one of my favorite things, creating interest in the whole look. The rusty color is not repeated in my skirt, but the hues are complimentary. 

    2. Long Necklace:
     Long necklaces draw the eye to think vertical length, for a petite person like me that is helpful. I chose a gold colored piece because it pops warmly off of my cooler colored rust colored sweater. ForLove21: starting at $3.80

    3. Pencil Skirt: Even though I love how I look in this skirt, wearing a pencil skirt is way sacry because it does not hide my trouble zone at all! Yet, to live fashionably, we  just have to wear pieces till we get comfortable in them, or comfortable in our own skin, whichever comes first. My trick with this piece was to go a size up that way it isn't tight on my waistline but still is snug everywhere else. If you want to tryout a pencil skirt, but are hesitant about the shape working on you body, go with a plain solid color like black or navy that will not draw as much attention as a floral print. As well, choose a length that is complimentary for your legs and shoe choice. I am short so the above the knee length is flattering, especially when paired with a taller boot. If you go for a knee length skirt, choose to work it with a pair of flats, or pumps (more skirt, less shoe). I chose this skirt for today's look I really like the fresh floral pattern for this fake summer weather and because my top is loose and having a snug bottom makes you appear balanced and not oversized.  Forever21: $14.80

    Ryan making me laugh with his ridiculous
    comments during our morning fashion shoot
    4. Blue Cowboy Boots: I know I have worn these boots a lot, but I can't stop raving about them! I am proud of them and they go with so much. I chose them for this look because I love how the blue pulls out the blue in my skirt and compliments the rust of my top. (Orange and blue are complimentary on that color wheel!) I also wanted the extra lift from the heel today to lengthen my look. One of my best thrift store finds.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 29

    Almost to the finish line! I got to wear my grubbies to work today since we had an office clean-up day, but I will spare you that look. After I got home and cleaned up, I headed over to the church to lead worship for our Wednesday night service. Here is what I came up with. (Say hello to Vera the Half-Vizsla in all my photos today.)

    1. Lace Cardigan: Love this cardigan because it is lightweight, has a great lace pattern and the color goes with just about anything. It is also a really functional piece in my wardrobe. For days like today, where I have to be on stage it is perfect. I don't want to have bare arms on stage, but I don't want to be too hot and sweaty, enter lace cardigan! Target. 

    2. Tribal Print Tank: My name is written all over this tank top. It is made out of modal, which is soft and moves really well with you, and I especially like this material, because it isn't as clingy as cotton/spandex blends can be. When choosing a tank top, consider body cut, strap shape and material to flatter your body shape needs. I chose it for this look today because I wanted a long tank to tuck into my pants and because I really like how the colors of the pattern pull out different colors on the rest of my look. Forever21.

    3. Looped Leather Belt: Gotta add a belt when you are rocking the tucked in look. It helps define your waist, which gives you more shape. I love how the camel colored leather pulls together the yellow and blue on this top. Forever21: $7.80

    4. H&M Jeans: I scored these several months ago and there is no turning back for me now! They go up a little higher, which helps keep my pooch tucked in, but not high enough to give me that horrible flat long and wide butt we all have seen and fear! The higher waist also makes the tucked in look work a little better, in my opinion. These are a darker wash which makes them more dressy and the slight flair leg adds to my curves in good ways. I chose them here because I wanted to tuck my top in and to have the darker wash make my look dressed-up. 

    5. Leather Wedges: Please, stop what you are doing and go get yourself a pair of wedges for this summer, please. If you choose a pair that it comfy you won't regret the money spent. I chose to wear them today because I wanted the height added to my body. DSW: Mia Shoes. 

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 28

    Are you bored of me yet? I took a break over the weekend, mostly because I couldn't get Ryan to hold still long enough to take a photo of me. Let's take a peek at today's look, all primed and ready for the awesome weather!

    1. Black Cardigan: Staple piece people! Please go buy yourself a black cardigan, please, it will be so useful to you I can't even explain it. I wear this one to weddings that may get chilly and the sheeny cotton makes it seem just dressy enough. Today I grabbed it because I knew I would be cold in my office till the afternoon. The back works well with the bright blue shorts I have on, making the colors really pop off of each other. Forever21. 

     2. Pastel Scarf: Very proudly I wear this scarf today because I learned a new way to tie it this weekend and I feel accomplished! I chose this scarf today to tie in the colors on my leggings and Toms. Forever21. 

    3. Ruffle Edges Tank: I have worn this tank so many times it feels because it is a really easy piece to add dimension to any look. The ruffle edges on this tank give it a bit more fancy than the regular white top would under my cardigan. I chose this piece today because the texture of the ruffles create interest on the plain colors, the tank is long so I can easily tuck it in, and because it is form-fitting (not the same as skin-tight). H&M:$9.95. 

    4. Side-Tie Shorts: This pair of shorts has so much going for detail, that it compensates for the solid color. The back is an elastic band, which provides for no zippers or buttons. The side tie and pleated front add a lot of interest. The shape with the pleats can be intimidating and for people who are not ready to draw attention to their hips I recommend trying a more structured material  for a pair of shorts. The best part: these shorts have pockets. The Rack: $14.95

    5. Short Leggings: Love my short leggings because they help make shorter styles appropriate for a lot of settings. I chose this teal pair because they pull out the teal in my scarf and draw everything together from top to bottom. Forever21: $3.80

    6. Toms: I love my Toms. I could wear them all summer long. So comfy you should own some. They work with this look because they are a neutral color and the same material texture as my scarf. $54

    Nude Pink Color Palette

    Nude Pink Color Palette

    Pied a Terre vintage dress
    £128 -

    Juicy Couture puffy jacket
    £580 -

    Stella McCartney underwire bra
    £35 -

    Kimberly McDonald butterfly earrings
    £2,350 -

    Red Herring gold bangle
    £8 -

    Laura Mercier Lip Glace
    $22 -

    Audrey Hepburn
    $42 -

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Get The Look: Taylor Swift

    Get The Look: Taylor Swift

    Check out this "Get The Look," set I put together for Taylor Swift. Full article can be found on Citizens of Beauty!

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 27 Sunshine Blues

    I loved the sun, sun, sun yesterday! Yet today it was fleeting, and I was highly disappointed when I got up for my run this morning and had to wear my rain jacket. Sad. Here is Friday's look since I didn't do a look for today.

    1. Sheer Accordion Tank: When I saw this top at H&M in April, I knew it was coming home with me without even trying it on. I love it for so many reasons: the sheer, patterned material is awesome for creating a really cool layered effect, the half-zip and accordion-fold top adds to the fun detailing. The cut is great with it being fitted at the top, it gives me a good shape and billows out at just the right angles so that I don't look prego! As well, the length makes it a great option to wear tucked in our set loose. When buying a top like this one be really sure to choose one that is a good length to width ratio so you don't end up looking too wide. I chose it for this look today because I like the contrast of my fitted dress verses my flowy top. H&M: $14.95?

    2. Maxi Tank Dress: Love this dress from Target clearance. Maxi's are all over the place and so with little persistence, you should be able to find one cut well for your body. I like this one because it is really more straight and fitted so it gives a really clean look to my body, especially in the solid black. Target: $3.74.

    3. Gladiator Sandals: Jesus sandals, as I so described them before I learned the proper term, have been a staying trend the past couple summers. Flat with straps and tiny buckles? Or course you are fighting in The Colosseum. The great thing is that you can find them in a wide variety of styles so you can be as flashy or subtle as you want. My dad got me this pair several years ago from The Limited and I love that they have both gold and silver straps on them. I chose them for this look today because my top has both warm and cool tones in it, just like the gold-silver contrast. Check out they have an awesome selection and more have good shipping deals.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 26 The Dream of the 90s

     Tucking my shirt in makes me feel like I am back in elementary school being really careful about how far it is poofed out around my middle. Do you remember that? Here's today's look!

    1. Disposition Blouse: My mom hooked me up with this amazing top. I love how it looks tucked into my pair of skinny pants. If you have a top this wide that isn't long enough it will make your body look disproportionate and wide, so that's why tucking this one in works so marvelously. How awesome is this bold color for summer? Anthropologie: $31.95, Regular $69.95

    2. Looped Leather Belt: Seriously. I feel like I raided my mom's closet  15 years ago and am reaping the benefits today. I love how the camel colored leather pulls together the blue of this look. With my shirt tucked in the belt helps define my waist since the top is really billowy. Forever21: $7.80

    3. Grey Twill Pants: These pants are just one of those items in my wardrobe that I could slip into everyday because of how comfy they are, and the best part is the can be dressed up or down depending on your need. I chose them for this look because my top is oversized and I needed a slimmer pant to balance out my look. As well, I chose grey over a darker denim to balance the bold color of the blue shirt. I love cuffing these pants since they are supposed to be cropped on normal height people! Dark denim is fantastic with this top too, but on a nice early summer day like today, the softer grey made the look seem warmer to me. The Rack: Paige Denim, $39.99

    4. Toms: Not only do I love Toms for their style and comfort, but their mission statement rocks too. Check out their movement here. I chose my Toms today because I love how a cute cuffed pant like these looks with a pair of flats, seeing as my Toms are my only flats, that's what I ended up in. The color works really well with the belt, but isn't annoyingly "matchy-matchy," as my niece would say. $54

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 25

    Still rainy today, wow. I love the rain and anything grey, but I sort was excited to wear my summer clothes. Although, I did get to wear a great pair of close toed shoes today to keep me dry in the random downpours. Let's check out the look.

    1. Side Print Shirt: I have had this shirt for three years and only worn it about six times, yet I can't part with it because it does so much, so well! The grey color looks awesome with my eyes and the large floral print down the one side gives added interest to any color-blocked outfit. The cut is really interesting. If I had it untucked, you would notice that the bottom is very snug and the top is loose, but only under my arms. I like the way that dynamic can be worn tucked in to create a smooth look in the tucked in area, if you know what I mean. The slight V of the neckline is good for opening up your chest and making your neck look longer and torso slimmer. V-neck shirts are awesome for creating that illusion as long as they are not too wide. I chose it for this look today because I wanted to have the added interest in the side-print to my plain pant. Target: $12.99.

    2. Linen Trouser: What else can I say about these pants? I love them and the high-waisted cut. My only frustration with this pair is that they stretch out really fast and so I would've bought a smaller size had I known. Linen anything moves really well and breathes so nicely in the summer. I really recommend investing in a pair, especially ones that have a nice clean leg opening like these. The balance in the leg here doesn't make the light fabric hang funny like it can on a pair that are too tapered but the opening isn't so wide that I loose my feet. I chose them here because I love them and wanted to be comfy today! Forever21: $19.99

    3. Thin Belt: These pants came with a tie, but I just wasn't feeling the monochromatic look today so I went for a thinner belt. The darker color on the dark pant, paired with the thinness, help hide your middle area and don't cut you into pieces. PacSun: 2 for $6.99.

    4. Booties: One of the docs at the hospital I used to work at called these my chicken feet, I prefer them to be known as my fancy feet, but who's counting? I love the rounded toe on this bootie because it gives you a classic look and tends to be slightly more professional. Let's not forget to mention the ruffle on the top, which is really, really, really fun and especially great because ruffles are in style, trending with the feminine chic look that seems to be everywhere. I chose them today for the height they provide me in this LONG pair of pants. DSW: Madden Girl

    Want a New Purse?

    Want a New Purse?

    Miu Miu bow handbag
    $1,495 -

    See by Chloe vintage leather bag
    £360 -

    Bryna Nicole beach bag
    $305 -

    Handles handbag
    $70 -

    Miss Selfridge weekend bag
    £39 -

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 24 Summer Dress

    Here we go, only 6 more days of fashion flying around my house. 

    1. Cropped Cardi: I chose to wear a cropped cardigan this time around for several reasons. If you look at Day 2 you will notice that I wore this dress with boots and a long cardigan, I chose the long cardigan there to accentuate the length of my body because I wore a flat shoe with a full skirted dress. Today, I chose to wear heels, so I can wear the cropped cardigan, which draws your eyes to my waistline and not worry about looking too wide in the full skirt. The Rack: Free People.

    2. Quiet  Blush Dress: In love with this piece because it is gorgeous and versatile. I had to have it when I saw it on sale at Anthropologie in May, event though it isn't the most flattering shape on my petite frame. The billowy top is an incredible balance to the way it comes to a tight fit on my natural waist. This shape gives you the freedom in your top and is especially helpful if you are busty with a small waist, which I am not. The skirt is the challenging part for me because I am short and the skirt is very full. The way this fabric flows, it helps me not look too wide, but, on a short frame like mine, you need to be a bit more careful about wearing a full skirt, hence the heels to add length. I centered my whole look around this dress today. Anthropologie. 

    3. Grown-Up Saltwater Sandals: I love these shoes and am starting to wear them down. Get a pair of platform wedges they will change your life! I chose them for this look because they add height to my body, which helps delineate the width of my pleated skirt. Macy's.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 23

    Today I wore yoga pants and relaxed with my big sister, so you get to check out yesterday's look! This outfit is dedicated to my mother who made all of this look possible. Here we go!

    1. Disposition Blouse: Anthropologie was having a great sale this past week and that is where my mom and I scored this amazing top. This top works tucked in or untucked over a pair of skinny pants, or tucked in like shown here. The length and flow of the shirt as a whole makes the variety possible. If you have a top this wide that isn't long enough it will make your body look disproportionate and wide. How awesome is this bold color for summer? Anthropologie: $31.95, Regular $69.95

    2. Looped Leather Belt: Gotta add a belt for texture and fun. I love how the camel colored leather pulls together the yellow and blue of this look, it makes a soft connection unlike how a darker color would function. Forever21: $7.80

    3. Ruffle-Front Pencil Skirt: I am in love with this skirt, every part of it! The ruffle down the side held together with those gorgeous buttons, ahhh, not to mention the beautiful color. Yellow and blue together makes me happy. I really chose to wear this skirt today because I wanted to show you how details on a solid-colored piece create interest in your look without needing to include a pattern. The high-waist works so well with this top. Anthropologie: $31.95, Regular $98.00

    4. Grandmas Cowboy Boots: Thank you mom and grandma for hooking me up with my first pair of boots. I chose these for this look because I thought they dressed it down a little bit but still held the look together really well. The camel color is enough different than the yellow on the skirt to not wash out everything else. Free with love from my Grandma and Mom.

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 22

    I am posting this a day late, because I didn't stop moving yesterday until about 11pm yesterday. Here's to another day of clothing!

    1. Print Blouse: Floral prints are really popular right now and the beauty is they come in a large variety so you are bound to find something that catches your fancy. I found this top at Herberger's in South Dakota when we lived in Wyoming. I chose it today because I wanted the pattern added to my plain top and bottoms. I chose to wear it open for this look because I like the billowiness of this top over a sung tank top.

    2. Dusty Rose Tank: Yesterday, I was talking on the phone to my sister Melissa and we were putting together a look for an event she had to attend and she asked me a question that I had a hard time explaining. Her top had a bunch of colors in it and she wanted to know what other colors to put with it, I said anything, she said but that isn't one of the colors in the top. For me it was about matching different tones of colors together over just different colors with each other. We worked through this concept for a while and then I realized I had done it with this look today. Just because I am wearing a blouse that has red, green, blue and brown in it, doesn't mean that the only things I can pair with it are red, green, blue and brown. Perfect example here is my dusty rose tank top, the hue of the tank goes with the rest of the tones in my shirt even though the color isn't repeated in the shirt. Match mismatched. The Rack: Love on a Hanger, $6.99

    3. Looped Belt: I like tucking stuff in, but this belt is pushing it for me because I feel like I am back in elementary school, carefully tucking and untucking my shirt everyday so that just the right amount of poof was even all around. That said, I wore this tank tucked in and belted to define my waist more and create a streamlined appearance under my flowy top. Forever21: $7.80

    4. Jeans of My Life: Please go to H&M and try on a pair of their jeans, you won't regret it. I love these! I chose this pant for today's look because I wanted to dress up my look with a dark wash and create a streamed look with the tank and all of it being snug. H&M: $39.95

    5. Platform Wedges: What can I say about these shoes that I haven't already raved about in the last 22 days? Love them. Buy some. Wore them today to give me height and do what heels do best, make you look long and lean. DSW: Mia

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 21

    I just couldn't stay away. Let's check out the pieces that make up today's look!

    1. Papier-Mache Earrings: My dear friend Abbi is a very talent jeweler and she crafted these earrings as a birthday gift for me this year. She makes a lot of fantastic stuff, and will even custom fill orders. Check her out on Facebook: Abbi Joy Earrings.

    2. Put a Bird on It Top: Yep, I have a bird problem. I have an original, self-proclaimed bird problem so I pridefully have them all over my house and my clothing today. I remember living in Wyoming and getting my Anthropologie catalog in the mail and turning to the page where this top was displayed. I was so distressed that, Anthro was 6 hours away, but on a trip to Portland soon after I was able to find this on the sale rack. The elastic on the bottom and the sleeves, which helps add shape to a piece that is extra flowy. Patterns are really popular right now and they easily add extra dimension to a look. Let's not forget to mention that this shirt is more of a giant bow with sleeves than it is a shirt, which just completely rocks my world. Anthropologie: Girls from Savoy, $29.95

    3. White Tank: I don't normally mention pieces like this in an outfit, but today my white tank is making a statement, and one that I am not too happy about. I would really liked to have worn this shirt without a tank under it, but my pants don't come up high enough and the shirt barely reaches to the waist so I had to fill in the gap. I don't mind the way it looks, but sometimes a huge block of color, especially around your middle can cut you in two and not add a nice layer effect. I had a shorter tank, I would've reached for that one instead to avoid separating my legs from my upper body.

    4. Grey Twill Pants: These pants are just one of those items in my wardrobe that I could slip into everyday because of how comfy they are, and the best part is the can be dressed up or down depending on your need. I chose them for this look because my top is oversized and makes me look bigger than I am so I needed a slimmer pant to balance out my look. As well, I chose grey over a darker denim to make a softer look. Dark denim is fantastic with this top too, but on a nice early summer day like today, the softer grey made the look seem warmer to me. The Rack: Paige Denim, $39.99

    5. Black Espadrilles: Sandals are a great invention for summer and a pair like these espadrilles is no exception. I chose them for this look, because I wanted the slight heel to add length to my legs so that my wide top didn't make me look like I would tip over. As well, I liked the pop of the black color on the shoes, repeated on the birds on my top. These were a gift from Central America.

    More to come!

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 20

    I didn't think I would make it to day 20, mostly because I wanted to try and not repeat outfits, but it has been a good challenge for me. I realized the importance of having a well developed wardrobe that contains both statement pieces and basic pieces. Let's look how this concept works in today's look.
    1. Boat Pattern Sweater: I got this sweater on a very special shopping trip in 2009 with my dear friend Misti. This cardigan is what I would consider a statement piece in my wardrobe because of the large, awesome and bright blue sail boat print on the fabric, which I tried to let you see the print in the other pic here where I am all wrapped up. Yet, it is a really functional piece because of the shape and soft oatmeal color that matched with a lot more than you would think. This top can also be worn wrapped in a couple different ways, my favorite being on a diagonal from the bottom to my shoulder, sort of like I am holding it in this other photo. Statement pieces in your wardrobe can be paired with plain pieces, like I did here, or with other patterned pieces to add more creativity to a look. Anthropologie: Moth, $69.99

    2. Bright Top:
    I wore this top as a part of my Easter outfit and I have been in love with it ever since. It functions in my wardrobe as a basic piece even though the color is really bright because it can be paired with some many different things. If you find a solid colored top that you really like, I suggest buying it in several colors so that you can build outfits around them. This top has three gold buttons on the neckline and applique flowers that add spice to the plainness of the solid color. I chose it for this look because of how bold the color and because yellow and blue really pop well off of each other. The Rack: Leifsdottir, $19.993. 

    3. Elastic Belt: Obviously this piece has become a basic for me because I have worn it so many times in the last 20 days, yet I originally bought it as a statement piece. Function and fashion have met here! I chose it for this look today for function because the skirt I have on is too large to be worn up high, but I wanted to make it fit, so I used a belt as a belt to hold the skirt in place. Fancy that?!? Forever21: $6.80

    4. Cotton Skirt: I love the way this skirt moves everywhere with me, it feels so good to wear. This piece is most assuredly a basic one in my wardrobe and the fact that it is a solid piece means it can go more fashion miles. I use it here as a high waisted piece because I wanted that look even though the top 6 inches or so are meant to fold so it sits at hip-height. When buying a skirt, you must consider your body type, because that effects what cut will look the best on you. I love the way the brown contrasts the bright blue and yellow. Target: $14.99

    5. JFK Riding Boots: Another corner of fashion and function was formed when I purchase these boots several years ago. I love them and they have definitely become a basic staple piece in my wardrobe. When selecting a good pair of boots, you want to look for more than just comfort. You need to make sure you find a pair with a lasting style so that you can spend a pretty penny on them and know they are worth it. As well, wait until early spring to buy a good pair of boots because that's when all the retailers will have them on for huge discounts. I chose them for this look because they flow really well with the design I saw in my head and because the gold buckle matches with the gold buttons on my top. Yes, I really do think about stuff like that and I am full aware that is not normal. DSW: Ralph Lauren, $59.99 on sale, regular $149.99.