Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Wear It All Tucked In

Flip through any fashion magazine in the past month and you will see it: tops tucked into bottoms. At first, the whole tucking in thing seemed completely ridiculous to me and slightly reminiscent to elementary school when that was the only way you wore your shirts. But, as is my way to give everything a chance, I rocked the tucked in look until I could wear it with confidence. Here are some tips on following this trend. Check out my latest How-To posted on Citizens of Beauty.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 3 with a Blazer: Blazers for Every Body-Type

Menswear inspired fashion is all over the runway with tailored pants, polished oxfords and button-up shirts. Want to catch the menswear trend but can’t afford a wardrobe overhaul? Add a tailored blazer to your closet! The key? Choose one that is right for your body type and you’ll have a versatile piece you can wear everywhere. Head over to Citizens of Beauty to see my picks. Suit up! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2 with a Blazer

So...day 2 of wearing a blazer. Sometimes fashion trends move in a direction you are uncomfortable with, but my philosophy is to just rock it till you own it! In that vein, I never thought that I would wear a blazer because I am too short and they would make me look too wide, but if I didn't try to find a way to incorporate menswear into my wardrobe, I would be left behind. So, with a little persistence (another piece of fashion advice I would give), I found a blazer that was the right shape for my body. Let's look how I rocked it today.

Tailored Blazer: I wrote a lot about why this piece works on my body yesterday, so if you missed that go read up! Today we will just talk about why it works with this outfit. In my opinion, a jacket that is longer than the bottoms you have makes you look naked underneath. When pairing a blazer with a dress, make sure the blazer hits from 3 to 6 inches above where the dress's hemline is. The red color of the blazer makes the red in my dress pattern pop out nicely incorporating the pieces well.

Patterned Dress: I got this as my vacation dress from Target. It is a great piece because of the simple shape and fun pattern, which made it easy to pack and wear wrinkled! The cut of this dress is great for most body types because it is cinched at the bust and moves away from the body; not so drastically that you will look pregnant, but just enough that you don't feel like your posture counts at every second in the day. The shape and structure of the blazer creates a balance with the flowy nature of this dress. Opposites.

Cowboy Boots: I have nothing to say about these except for that I love them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1 with a Blazer and Our 3 Year Anniversary: Fall Inspired Pieces

I am sure you all hoped the home-gown photos here were complete and over, but I just was so excited about my outfit today that I had to share it with you all! I worked to combine two of Fall's leading trends to create this look: menswear inspired pieces and long lean stripes. Today is also my 3 year wedding anniversary and so inspired to look cute I even did my hair. Here we go. 

Tailored Blazer: I first bought this blazer in an electric blue color,  but exchanged it for the rust-berry color instead because I felt the color would better carry me into Fall and Winter. Menswear inspired pieces are everywhere from blazers to trouser to oxfords. I chose this particular piece to incorporate into my wardrobe because it was still very feminine and flattering where a lot of the similar pieces in this trend that I have seen lately haven't been all that great. I tried on blazers at The Rack, Forever21, The Gap and H&M yesterday and, after my research, have really fallen in love with this piece because it is tailored at the natural waist with one-button closure and the inside having a drawstring cinch at the waist for even more shape. I am short and have wider shoulders, so wearing a blazer that is cut for a man will just make me look like a tiny mob boss. I love detailing on this blazer with the floral print silk lining in the sleeves and bodice; it makes me feel fancy. The length is also key to not making me feel wide. It hits me mid-thigh which makes my figure look slender and doesn't cut me in half like shorter pieces would. I need the length or a cropped piece. H&M: $39.95

Lace Tank Top: Have you ever watched Glee? They do these things called "mash-ups" every once in a while and I think that Fall fashion designers decided to follow suit. This top is a perfect example of lacy femininity meeting conventional structure and detail. I purchased this piece at Forever21 a while back and I have worn it so much since. The structure of the piece, loose but fitted in, "the right places," makes it perfect for a tucked-in look with this high waisted skirt. Forever21: $12.95

Striped Maxi Skirt: I hate stripes. I can promise you that is truth, but when I met this skirt my heart was softened a little tiny bit. The reason: the asymmetrical manner in which the stripes are sewn together from top to bottom. Stripes are everywhere this Fall and, for most, me being the exception, they are an easy trend to adopt because they don't require a lot of boldness to put on. You've probably been wearing stripes since you were in a onesie, so what makes them special now? The contrast they can provide in thematically in an outfit and the way they feed the 70s retro spirit that is lurking in every piece this season. H&M: $29.95

Leather Wedges: If you choose a pair of wedges that are you won't regret the money spent. I chose to wear them today because I wanted the height added to my body, avoiding the mob boss look again and because I want to hang on to the end of summer with my sandals. DSW: Mia Shoes. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I almost feel better. So I painted my toes, put on lipstick and some real clothes. You can't keep me down appendicitis!